Why You Should Hire a Trainer

why you should hire a personal trainer
You’ve got a friend in me

Have you ever said to yourself:

  • I’m not making any progress
  • I’m not going to the gym enough
  • I’m not pushing myself hard enough

And it always ends with this: I should probably hire a trainer.

You start to question yourself. Do I really need to spend money on a trainer if I can do it myself? Maybe I should hire an online coach instead? Maybe a training partner/crew will work just as well?

A personal trainer would improve your life by leaps and bounds. And here’s how.

This post was inspired by The Key for Progress: Recognizing and Overcoming Laziness. Head over if you’d like to read detailed research findings and facts.

We Are All Lazy

And it’s not your fault – we’re all wired that way! Our ancient ancestors needed to be lazy for survival. They expended just enough energy to hunt and gather food for survival. If they saw how we expended energy on purpose they’d think we were nuts!

This explains why it is hard for many of us to get motivated to exercise and stay fit – because we’re no longer required to hunt, gather food, or tend crops and livestock. Most of us work in sedentary office jobs. Sitting in the chair is what gets us paid.

Exercising, especially exercising hard, does not come naturally to most of us. In fact, studies with mice have shown there is even a genetic basis for voluntary physical activity. So those people hitting the gym on their own? They have the genetic upper hand. Don’t beat yourself about it.

Why You Should Hire a Trainer

We’ve already established that we’re mostly lazy. This is where a trainer comes in. Here is someone who’s job is to motivate you, push you, give you immediate feedback, track (and celebrate!) your progress.

A trainer can:

  • Push and motivate you to work harder than you would on your own
  • Give you immediate feedback about your technique – very important if you want to avoid injury!
  • Creates a strong bond with you which helps with the motivation bit
  • Which in turn motivates you to work harder so you don’t let them down
  • Is able to make adjustments to your workout on the fly (vs an online coach)
  • Make exercising easier by planning the most optimal workouts for you

Hiring a Trainer also creates a financial and emotional buy-in effect: by investing in a personal trainer, you’re investing in your health and fitness, so you’re more motivated to work hard.

Training with your trainer makes exercise a habit, which is super necessary for long-term gains!

Make Your Health a Priority

The cost of a personal trainer is everyone’s main concern. But think about this: how much money do you spend on meals at restaurants, new clothes, or expensive coffees?

Do you want to prioritize your health and fitness? If you do, make it a priority. Instead of spending money on meals out and more clothes for your wardrobe, hire a personal trainer.

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