Corporate Wellness Programs

A typical Singaporean works about 45 hours a week. Couple that with time spent commuting, waiting in queues, having meals, sleeping, attending family commitments and other social gatherings, and they’ll only have 10-20 hours left per week for themselves.

A Corporate Wellness program can help your employees create this balance. We will improve your employees’ knowledge of health and fitness while helping to reduce stress. Healthier and fitter employees are less likely to be ill. Happy and healthy employees = higher productivity and higher morale. 

A Corporate Wellness program is also a bonding experience. Harmonious working environment = double win!

List of Corporate wellness programs:

1) Corporate talks

We can explore several topics, such as:

  • Neck pain & Lower back pain: Two very common ailments, we will discuss the causes, preventive methods, and solutions.
  • Nutrition: How to nourish your body and mind. 
  • Talks include a nutritious tea time snack.

2) Corporate games day

3) Corporate group class

  • Boot camps
  • Band Therapy
  • Core Master
  • Stretch and Relax
  • Office wear workout
  • Key Stretches for a Pain-free Desk Experience
  • How work and exercise can come together

4) Corporate Cohesion Event Planning

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