Online Fitness Coaching (Monthly plan) 

At Movementright, we transform lives through movement for a pain-free and healthier body.

👉 Are you exercising less because of CB? 
👉Do you feel tired and unmotivated?
👉Need more help to stay in shape?



Our Fitness Coaching plans include:
😃 FREE 30-min video consultation
📹 Custom video fitness plan for YOU every month
☎️Two 30-min coaching video calls (every 2 weeks) to discuss your program and review your food diary
🍎 FREE custom nutritional guidebook
📩 Email support for exercise changes or substitution!
Want more guidance? Check out our 1-on-1 Virtual Personal Training program.

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“I started training with Gary after complaining and crying to my father about not getting any gigs as an aspiring actress. Was told that my face was too big and I’m too fat to get a role. 

Gary was very patient with me when I told him I have my portfolio photoshoot coming up. He planned out my diet and exercises to assist me with losing weight while gaining strength at the same time. 

The training works! My pants dropped in sizes and I look sharper in photos and on screen now. Grateful to my father and Gary to get me onto this fitness journey”

Vanessa Tan, Actress. (Client since 2018)

📝 What will my fitness plan look like? 

Your custom fitness plan will include explanatory videos of every exercise performed by me, tips to achieve best form, and what to take note of to prevent injury
If you have any questions about your workout, I will be available via email to suggest exercise changes or substitutions!

I was underweight and clueless about fitness and exercise until I started training with Gary.

He planned my workout according to my goals (to get stronger and leaner) and was very patient with me, and he always made sure I had proper form during exercise so I didn’t injure myself.

I was inching towards becoming severely underweight, but he offered valuable nutritional guidance that helped me bounce back to a healthy range.

Thank you Gary for introducing me to the immense benefits of weight training (while reassuring me I won’t look like a “female hulk.”)

I now feel much stronger, happier, and more confident! 

Lydia Koh, Freelance Writer. (Client since 2018)

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🏃‍♂️ How do I start? 


We will first schedule a 30 min FREE call for us to get to know you and your goals. This will help us build your fitness plan!


After you sign up, we will send you your personalised fitness plan and FREE nutritional guidebook.


We will schedule two 30-min coaching calls.

In the 1st call, we will review your fitness plan and make adjustments as necessary. We will review your eating habits and give you nutritional advice.

We will ask you to start a food diary.

2 weeks later, we will have our 2nd call, where we will review your progress and your food diary. 

“Gary is an amazing personal trainer, with great character and personality. 

He has played an instrumental role in my personal transformation towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Gary has helped me understand the right way to train, with programs that are specifically tailored to my progression throughout this new lifestyle journey. 

He has challenged me to do my best at every session, and I have been seeing results

I am stronger now, thanks to Gary.”

Vincent, Executive Director Singapore, SSIA. (Client since 2018)

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🍎 What is a personalised nutritional guidebook?

Your 17-page personalised nutritional guidebook will contain information about your recommended daily intake of macros, meal ideas, and more! 
See the slides below for a 4-page sample of this 17-page guidebook:

🎁 Packages 🎁

Startin’ out

99 for 1 month 

Billed monthly
Good for beginners!
FREE consultation

Get access to a Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost! Try it out for a month with this package.

Really Sweatin’  

267 for 3 months


10% SAVINGS  🎉
89 per month
Billed every 3 months
FREE consultation

Recommended because…
✅ It takes at least 3 months to build a good habit like exercise and eating well 

Head in the game 

474 for 6 months

79 per month
Billed every 6 months

Recommended because…
✅This will cement your exercise habit
✅Gives you more time to achieve the results you desire. (After all, fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.)

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Food for thought…

Your body is like a plant. You need sunlight and water for nourishment. 

🌱 Plant = Your body

☀️ Sunlight = Exercise

💧 Water = Nutrition

To obtain results and optimal health, you need enough exercise ☀️and nutrition 💧. One is not enough!

With my fitness plan, you can expect:

  • NO supplements
  • NO pyramid schemes
  • Honest exercise 
  • Valuable nutritional advice