We are proud of what we do and have the results to show for it.

“Gary is an amazing personal trainer, with great character and personality. He has played an instrumental role in my personal transformation towards a healthier lifestyle.

Gary helped me understand the right way to train, with programs that are specifically tailored to my progression throughout this new lifestyle journey.

He has challenged me to do my best at every session, and I have been seeing results. I am stronger now, thanks to Gary.”

Vincent, Executive Director Singapore, SSIA. (Client since 2018)

“I started training with Gary after complaining and crying to my father about not getting any gigs as an aspiring actress. Was told that my face was too big and I’m too fat to get a role.

Gary was very patient with me when I told him I have my portfolio photoshoot coming up. He planned out my diet and exercises to assist me with losing weight while gaining strength at the same time.

The training works! My pants dropped in sizes and I look sharper in photos and on screen now. Grateful to my father and Gary to get me onto this fitness journey”

Vanessa, Actress. (Client since 2018)

I was underweight and clueless about fitness and exercise until I started training with Gary.

He planned my workout according to my goals (to get stronger and leaner) and was very patient with me, and he always made sure I had proper form during exercise so I didn’t injure myself.

I was inching towards becoming severely underweight, but he offered valuable nutritional guidance that helped me bounce back to a healthy range.

Thank you Gary for introducing me to the immense benefits of weight training (while reassuring me I won’t look like a “female hulk.”)

I now feel much stronger, happier, and more confident! 

Lydia Koh, Freelance Writer. (Client since 2018)

My knee was injured toward my prep to SPI which put me out for more than a week which was the last week of my prep. Out of desperation, I reached out to Gary for help 2 days away from SPI. He helped me with the rehab of my knee and also gave me pointers and advice on which muscles I should pay extra attention to. With his help and advice, I hit a personal best of 240.5kg, which is 10kg above what I’ve hit before! – If you guys have pre-existing injuries and want to get them checked out, hit him up! Don’t say never intro hehe.
Matthew Yap
4x World Rec Holder IPF Powerlifter
The exercises Gary assigned really helped fix my backache which had been bothering me for many weeks. My hip joint no longer feels strained and my lower body and limbs no longer feel tight and stiff! Thank you!
Client - Personal Training
Sir, thank you so much. The soreness in my right collarbone is 80% gone. So hoping in the next few days it should be okay. Will observe for some more days and meet you when I am back. But you got magic in your hands.
Client - Sports Massage Therapy
Hey Gary! Just finished my squat session. No pain in my elbow and my foot is doing good! Thanks!
Under 83kg Junior Powerlifter
My pain is all gone!! You miracle la.

*Sasi had left shoulder pain after a barbell back squat, which was resolved after 1 session

Mr Singapore 2018
I did it! Thanks a lot for the assessment and run-down. Definitely played a part. Trust my body to you sir!

*Edgar achieved the national record for bench press

200kg deadlift. Thanks Gary for working on my back! 💪🏻
Dr. Wil Kalla
Gary, my back has been better after doing homework daily. Thank you so much!
Office Worker

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